A look back at the final event – Canada

Did you miss the S-ACCESS Round-Table
“Tendering Railway Solutions outside the EU”?

It discussed thoroughly how best to access Canada tenders
and do great business in the country!



00:00-36:00 min | S-ACCESS project key lessons learnt on USA, Canada and Norway

36:01-2:27:00 min | Round-Table with experts

from the EU (EISMEA and EEN), USA (EACC-Florida, Miami-Dade TPO), Canada (ADEXIA), Norway (mulcahy:consulting), SME Testimonial expert on USA and Canada (Blend Plants-Italy)

Yann Jadis ,Founder ADEXIA

Toronto-Montréal, Canada

Yann Jadis on LinkedIn

“There is not one Canada only, but several Canadas. Canada is a Federal State. Transport is managed at Federal level. Transit at Provincial and Municipal level.

To start, “the best form of presence to make public buyers to buy your solution or your services is for them to buy through a local partner taking responsibility and accountability in case of an issue.”

For larger SMEs, opening a subsidiary is the best way.”

Also, “it’s a real growth strategy for Canada to consider is to look at acquisition opportunities. (…) In Canada we have ton of babyboomers that about to retire and nobody taking over the companies. (…) We help European companies to make aquisitions of Canadian companies.

To discover much more on how to best approach the Canadian tenders, click above to watch the video!