January, 24th 2022

In this context, we launch an open tender!

The objective of this open tender is, for each country, to purchase from professional consultancies:

  • A very specific country analysis concerning easily understandable information on legal, regulatory (general and with reference to railway supplies, ICT, electronics, railway construction and maintenance…), taxation, labour law and other aspects that need to be known to prepare with full awareness offers for public procurements
  • An extract from the overall country analysis in form of “Handbook for first-line consultancies”
  • A set of training sessions for the Partners in order for them to better understand the contents of the analysis and be better prepared to deliver first-line consultancies to their SMEs
  • Training materials explaining – under an intercultural point of view – the work culture in the target countries and how to get prepared to communicate in long-term business relationships. 

Outputs will be key for the following training and assistance activities for SMEs, including organisation of B2B and company missions, and for drafting the Internationalisation Strategy and Implementation Roadmap.

⚠️ Deadline : 18/02/2022


For more information on the modalities and to apply, click here.