May, 3th 2023

The event is part of the GO INTERNATIONAL IN US PATH offered by the EU-funded « S-ACCESS » project, supporting European SMEs to participate in Public Tenders outside EU.

This event will take place online on the 3th of May 2023 at 03:00pm (CET).


The « Pitch Your Company » event represents the next step of the GO INTERNATIONAL IN US PATH foreseen to accompany the SMEs alongside their discovering of Public Procurement in US, followed by “Meet the Buyers” events and US mission in October 2023.




  • 15:00-15:10    Introduction to S-ACCESS Project and USA mission in October
  • 15:10-15:16    Llalco Fluids Technology ( – Spain

Designer and Manufacturer of high-tech gas hydraulic and friction Bumper Stops (Buffer Stops) to arrest trains at the end of the rail track absorbing and dissipating the kinetic energy.

  • 15:16-15:22    Elpa Ltd. ( – Slovenia

Awarded environmentally friendly technology for rail noise reduction in the curve, vibrations and rail&wheel wear reduction. Pioneers in Railway Management.

We are working with VDC 4D/5D BIM on a large project, assisting clients and principal contractors on building construction sequence and critical activities at the pre-construction phase, including control over P6, Synchro pro, and Power BI, leveraging experience to integrate construction schedule for de-risking and deconflicting exercises with 4D/5D BIM tools.

Manufacturer and supplier of professional rechargeable LED signalling handlamps with programmable functions for security beacon 

Screensor specializes in integrating the latest display technology into transport spaces, from stations to vehicle interiors and windows. Screensor’s innovative Transparent OLED screens based solutions improve accessibility of information and entertainment for passengers, creating a new communication experience by delivering relevant content, while updating the way brands communicate with their audiences in the railway industry.

Flexible hoses and piping systems manufacturer

  • 15:46-15:52    AMM Manufacturing ( -Serbia

    AMM Manufacturing is a market leader in engineering and manufacturing of Rolling stock components (aluminium or steel / painted) – Roofs, Underframes, Sidewalls, Endwalls etc.

  • 15:52-15:58    Photon Laser Manufacturing GmbH ( – Germany Rolling Stock: laser beam welded lightweight metal assemblies.

Touch Sensity develops an innovative technology, the Sensity Tech, making materials sensitive to pressure, traction, deformation and internal damages suffered by a material, in real time, having access to data remotely, and without using sensors.  

Argenta is a leading provider of Product Reliability and Process Improvement solutions

IVM – Innovative Vibration Monitoring is an innovative SME focused on the development of end-to-end monitoring and diagnostics systems relating mainly to wheel/rail interaction in both static and dynamic conditions, aimed to ensure safety and optimize maintenance processes.

ELFI – is a cutting-edge SME that produces highly specialized electronic equipment for the railway and tramway sector with industrial quality, maintaining the care of an artisan workshop.     

WITT Solutions GmbH produces SMART measurement technology for DC voltage, cable and insulation monitoring in energy infrastructures and plants

  • 16:28-16:45   Q&A session
Present your company and your offer for the railway market through a short pitch during a dedicated online event. This will help the organisers and other companies to know you better and to identify possible collaborations for joint tenders in US.
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